It's rare that you find the combination of talents that Irina has. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Irina for nearly nine years, during which time we’ve worked together on a number of projects. Whether Irina provided expertise on a project I was leading, I supported her in the many initiatives that she took on, or she provided advice and mentorship to me, I could not have asked for a better colleague.

Irina is able to quickly analyze and distill complicated regulatory, legal, contracting, or other business issues into actionable steps in ways that provide maximum value to the organization. She has the rare skill to be able to quickly become knowledgeable and in a topic or field that was largely unfamiliar to her previously. This makes her extremely valuable to any organization or team.

In addition, Irina has shown herself to be a skilled leader, taking over under performing teams and transforming them into efficient and effective contributors to the organization. She takes time to both address the needs of her team, while at the same time leading them to perform at higher levels. As a result, she is respected as a leader at all levels of the organization.
Irina accomplishes all of the above with great attitude, humor, and personality. She is a pleasure to work with and is a great asset to any team.


It is an honor to write this recommendation for Irina. She has outstanding technical excellence as legal counsel and Chief Administrative Officer. She has exceptional knowledge of government contracting, human capital regulations and policy, and accounting principles. This knowledge base provides the unique and comprehensive background for her guidance in Corporate legal and policy development decisions.  Her excellence in legal counsel and as a Chief Administrative Officer is enhanced by her ability to synthesize complex issues and deescalate them. She has outstanding problem solving and decision making ability. Her interpersonal skills and unquestioned integrity across our company make her a valued asset to all persons.

- V.W.

I had the pleasure of working with Irina at ARES Corporation. Irina was meticulous and extremely professional working all aspects of her job - Analysis, Legal opinion, Management and people side of things. She is thorough in her analysis and is very well versed in domestic and international law. She is very hard working and multitasks to get the job done. She was given additional responsibilities to run the metrics of our organization and she stepped up to the challenge with ease and could clearly articulate the different parameters. Irina is an asset to any organization. With her strong work ethic and sense of fairness, she adds tremendous value to organizations. I strongly recommend Irina.

- J.R.

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