Whether you are opening a new business, or operating an existing one, we will partner with you to achieve your goals 

Areas of Expertise and Practice

We facilitate business success with holistic and innovative legal solutions with emphasis on maintaining our client’s competitive advantage. P’Simer Law provides comprehensive business solutions with expertise and experience across multiple legal disciplines. 

Forging relationships and understanding our client’s business is paramount.  Our solutions span a wide range of corporate and business law matters for any stage of your business. 

Employees are valuable assets, but introduce potentially costly scenarios that detract from achieving business objectives. We provide proactive solutions that address increasing complex employment laws, protective actions the mitigate employment dispute risk and defense of employee claims.

We represent an affordable middle ground between no legal support and that of large law firms that lack flexibility in fee-setting.  Our approach provides on-demand availability, flexible fee models and brings the expertise and experience of a former General Counsel and corporate executive. 

As the world’s largest customer, the U.S. Federal Government presents many industry specific business nuances and challenges. Our deep knowledge and experience in government contractor operations and strategy provides specialized legal solutions to navigate through the numerous intricacies of doing business with the United States.