Quick Check Series: Offer Letter

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Attracting top talent is key to your company's success. The offer letter is likely the first formal communication between you and the prospective employee - make a good impression, while protecting the company. The offer letter is a critical component of the employment relationship.

While a simple one or two page offer letter can suffice for many positions, some positions, including executive hires and commission based hires will need a bit more detail.

If you want to perform a Quick Check of your general offer letter, here is a start:

  1. At-Will Provision

  2. Position/Title

  3. Exemption Status

  4. Compensation

  5. Statement of Conditions/Contingencies

  6. Confidentiality Clause

  7. Benefits Overview

  8. Company Policies

  9. Non-compete/Non-solicit (if applicable)

  10. Mandatory Arbitration (if desired)

Once you go through these, consider unique needs of your company and make sure to address those areas as well.

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