Outside General Counsel

In this new economy, businesses seek to streamline their operations and cut costs to remain competitive.  Our firm represents an affordable middle ground between no legal support and that of big law firms that lack flexibility in fee-setting due to large overhead costs.  We provide experienced corporate practitioners without the sizable cost of hiring full-time legal support.  Similar to in-house counsel, we provide a business-centric practical approach.  However, because we practice across many industries we can draw on that knowledge to offer a wider range of options and solutions to our clients. 


Our approach offers flexible billing models such as monthly fixed-rate and flat-rate task billing.  For all sized companies, we are a key ally and partner to help achieve strategic and tactical goals.

General Counsel Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Corporate Governance

    • shareholder, partner, LLC member agreements

    • buy/sell agreements and promissory notes

    • operating agreements

    • board and shareholder meetings, participation and preparation

    • counseling directors and officers on fiduciary duties and strategic considerations

    • review or draft of board minutes

  • Contracts

    • non-compete and non-disclosure agreements

    • commercial leases

    • software licencing

    • trade secret and intellectual property agreements

    • indemnification agreements

  • Human Resources

    • executive compensation, including equity and non-equity based incentive compensation

    • offer letters and employment agreements

    • employee handbook creating and revision

    • wrongful termination defense

    • employee misconduct reviews

    • performance management

    • termination and severance agreements

  • Litigation Management

    • negotiating fee agreements with other outside counsel

    • referral of specialized outside counsel

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

    • support to due diligence

    • deal negotiation and support

  • Risk Assessment and Management

  • Corporate Compliance Audits 

  • Internal Investigations

  • Crisis Management

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Free Initial Legal Consultaton

Free Initial Consultation

Contact us at 216.716.7850 or through our online form for an initial no-cost consultation.

Why Engage Outside General Counsel?

  • On-demand availability

  • Cost avoidance of full-time legal staff

  • Practical counsel that aligns with your company’s goals

  • Flexible billing structures to fit your needs

  • Legal advice based on close understanding of your business

  • Benefit from an outside perspective