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At P'Simer Law we provide a wide variety of business immigration services tailored to help you achieve your objectives. Whether you are looking to come to work in the United States or you are a business owner seeking to expand your workforce, we can help.


While certain visas are well-suited to a certain purpose, no visa is universally applicable to all situations.  Therefore, a business owner or manager seeking to bolster his workforce through immigration solutions or an intending immigrant looking to come to work in United States must carefully assess his options before taking action. 

Employment-based immigration can be tricky to navigate. We will devise a unique strategy for you and your employees that will give the best opportunity for success in obtaining their work visas and employment based green cards.

We are committed to providing each client with diligent, prompt, and responsive service at all times. 


Our business engagements include:

  • H-1B Visa

  • TN-1 Status (Canadians and Mexicans)

  • E1 & E2 Status (Treaty Traders & Treaty Investors)

  • L1 Visa (Intercompany Transfers)

  • O Visa (For Individuals with Extraordinary Ability)

  • R Visa for Religious Workers

  • E-5 Visas for Immigrant Investors

  • Green Cards Through Employment

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