Business Law

Our mission is to facilitate your business success.  Think of us as your business partners, here to help you start your business, grow your existing business, maximize your potential and achieve your goals.  We take a proactive approach and focus on providing you with the information needed to make informed business decisions while mitigating legal risk.  We commit to educate and empower you to protect against foreseeable issues.  We believe proactive legal risk reduction avoids future costs and disruption and facilitates your business success. 

General Business Services include, but are not limited to:

  • outside general counsel

  • forming business entities

  • creating operating agreements, shareholder agreements, joint venture agreements

  • drafting and negotiating supplier, real estate and other commercial contracts

  • board and shareholder meetings, participation and preparation

  • negotiation and creating necessary documents for business purchase or sale

  • defense of business disputes

  • working with international real estate investors

Business Attorney Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Free Initial Legal Consultaton

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Free Initial Consultation

business law Services include:

  • business formation

  • employment and employee matters

  • policy and procedures development

  • conducting internal audits and investigations 

  • developing crisis communication plans and protocols, and serving as the point of contact when crises do arise

  • creating non-disclosure and non-compete agreements

  • creating and negotiation of consulting agreements

  • drafting licensing agreements

  • creating supplier agreements

  • preparing settlement agreements

  • managing third-party vendor and governmental audits for QMS, OSHA, DOL, EEO, Affirmative Action compliance and other regulatory purposes

  • preparing promissory notes